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VOLUNTEER BOARD MEMBERS OF THE FIRST BOARD OF THE SYDNEY ARCHITECTURAL CONSERVATION SOCIETY (2011), pictured in front of the Liscombe House, the first acquisition of Sydney’s Heritage Conservation Revolving Fund, which is supported by donations. Pictured from left to right: Donnie Ward (president of the Old Sydney Society), Alicia Lake (Cape Breton University), Dr. Ken Donovan (historian, Parks Canada), Christie MacNeil (Beaton Institute, CBU), Joyce Rankin (community developer), Dr. Tom Urbaniak (Cape Breton University), Simon Gillis (Whitney Pier Historical Society), and Carl Getto (community development researcher and chair of the committee). Absent: Catherine Arseneau (Director of the Beaton Institute, CBU), Gary Corsano (lawyer), and Ken Langley (lawyer).

The archival photographs shown alongside are of former residents Olive and Ella Liscombe, on the property in the 1920s.